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I bet u know which fandom I’m roaming at now.

I’m also have this up on society6 like all the cool kids
What I always love to draw; faceless bodies in poses
Taking a break from drawing my projects.

A small contribution to Tobuscus’ indiegogo successful occassion :)

So bet you know what I’m finally doing now.
(via http://twitpic.com/9lebac)
Hey guys, hope you’re okay that I’m basically just reblogging things from my twitpic. Do comment there if you want too :) 

(via Like FFTA? on Twitpic)
(via I seriously need to learn how to draw pretty pretty girls :/ on Twitpic)
(via http://twitpic.com/9gej7p)
Something more..surreal, I guess.
Original stuff again, the usual girl I draw with a character that’s still in draft. Still unsure of his story, that’s all.

For WIP screenshot, you can check it here
what’s with this highlight option?? I’m abusing this guys, it looks very fun

Oh my bloody papers, I apologize for pulling a disappearing act guys.
There were some stuffs happening that make me very occupied. It took toll for quite some time and if you are somewhat curious they were (or are) RL situations.

So I’m coming back with a tribute to my most favorite anime series, Code Geass. After I’ve finished with these two, I kinda want to add CC, then Kallen, then Nunnaly, it’s endless, so I choose not to.

Guys, if you are okay with a bit higher priced commission and have been looking for someone to draw your character or particular kind of drawing, you can send me a PM. I’ll come back to you ASAP after reading it.

And a small news, I’m thinking of moving my drawing blog to blogspot instead of tumblr, because I want to focus to just one place to give it my full attention; if any of you is professional illustrator, can you give me your opinion?
Headshots from the fake screenshots.

Note: Any of you like to make 3D modeling/want to make 3D character modeling as a hobby? Interested to do some character rendering?

+ Any of you know of OKAGE SHADOW KING? (and a fan)

Why Crediting is Important



What’s supposed to happen


What’s happening when you don’t credit


What you’re making them do


Every artist grow by displaying their work and getting critique. But when their work is spread around without any credit to the artist, AND EVEN MAKES THE OWN ARTIST DELETE IT FROM HIS/HER SITE it lost the purpose and meaning.

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I have seen a LOT of shit happening to the artists on tumblr that is honestly baffling. As an artist myself, I can understand how some of these talented and skilled individuals are feeling seriously bummed out about what other people might consider something simple.

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I was backtracking stuffs I posted in this tumblr and found one of my past post is un-zoom-able, AKA u can’t read shit on it at all hahaha!! haha…

So my mental decided it was unfathomable to leave it so, and dug out the old file and edit it

And wow! I’m still alive!

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